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All is Allowed unleash new EP "Just Keep Walking"

The band All is Allowed released a new EP "Just Keep Walking" on all streaming platforms by Electric Funeral Records. The album has 4 tracks that bring nuances of southern rock, metal and alternative rock. The material was produced by the band and Miguel "Rambo", and recorded at Estúdio Casa 39, São Paulo/Brazil.

All is Allowed is a band that moves between the seventies sound of sabbatical stoner and the alternative nineties grunge and in this way transmitting in their music influences from Black Sabbath to Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, Tool and some things from both the 70s and from the 90's. The band's name is nothing more than the message of free will where you will reap what you sow, the law of Karma, of vibration

Formed by Frank Santos (Vocals), Juhanni Perondi (Bass), Rudah Latáro (Guitar/Backing vocals) and Guto Aielo (Drums), the band had its first meeting in March 2019 and from the first rehearsal it was clear that the compositions would be based on the influences of each member and for this reason the final product is a blend of all their idols.

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