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Avant-garde musician, TexMex Shaman, releases new single featuring canadian artist Rekha

TexMex Shaman is a project by multi-talented artist Stephen Watkins, which was founded in October 2018. The avant-garde guitarist, songwriter and producer with over 20 years on the road has just released the new single "Cosmic Desserts". Artist TexMex Shaman delivers a genre-defying sound that combines funky beats, intense guitar and smooth bass in storytelling. The new release features Canadian artist Rekha, who also records and rocks on other tracks from various genres, and artist One Blind Mouse, who brings an alternative and experimental style to the release. "Cosmic Desserts" is a unique track that strives to invoke positive and happy emotions in the listener, giving voice to an ambient scat vocal style because it's a softer sound. The track has the soulful “Dooby dooby doo” style of singing like Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Louis Armstrong. It's not really rock or pop, it kind of fits somewhere between a fantasy soundtrack and an organic narrative through the musical experience. It needs to be heard to be appreciated. This song would be suitable for any kind of sync license or played anywhere, open positive vibes are welcome. Bio: Stephen Watkins has been writing and performing for over 30 years. After receiving a degree in music from the University of North Texas, he spent the 1990s touring Texas and the southern US. His passion for playing live helps him create songs that are complex enough to be listened to over and over again, offering new elements and emotions with each listen. Watkins created TexMex Shaman to be a response to commercial, corporate music that follows formulas and conventions. A musician innovating musical genres and taking listeners on an aural journey that is as fluid of awareness as it is musically brilliant, TexMex Shaman is a fresh take on modern music.

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