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French Producer/Musician, Tooloud, releases the electro rock track "Miss You" feat Kenny Joyce

French musician and producer Tooloud (aka Cyrille Fonteneau) proposes a solid and passionate electro rock that we find for the occasion in his new single "Miss You" (feat. Kenny Joyce). A piece adorned with enveloping and overwhelming funky grafts, whose path generates a maelstrom of positive vibrations, with melodic grafts that interact very well with a modulated vocal line and that enhances the general sound, well amalgamated by a simple and linear rhythm section with the intention , in our opinion, very successful so that the piece as a whole is very fluid and dynamic, thus giving its excellent contribution to the cause.

Tooloud demonstrates how he is prepared to create dynamic structures, where slightly softer moments are intertwined with more pronounced structures, without giving up more atmospheric riffs, which undoubtedly leave an excellent impression. A theme played with ease and naturalness, demonstrating a good technical domain and knowing how to move in the musical environment, offering a captivating genre that stays in the mind with ease. This track features a tribute to the "Rolling Stones". Mythical band that reinvented rock, influenced the producer's lifestyle and crossed the ages. True to your values, without compromise. This is the reference... Mick Jagger, eternal youth, tattooed his songs in our genes. At a time when Charlie Watts went to play on another planet, Tooloud pays tribute to them with this cover of a timeless title etched in our memories! A mix of electronica and very rhythmic rock, sublimated by Kenny Joyce's own private voice! “I miss you”…Charlie.

"Miss You":

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