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Insammer releases new single ‘What a Gift’ in original version and remix

Swedish rockers INSAMMER have released a new single called ‘What a Gift’. Thetrack, which was originally premiered during the band's concert at Turkey this summer, has been made available via 7 Flags Records. ‘What a Gift’ released both in original version and remix and available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms. The track is taken from the band's upcoming third full-length album, due in November 2021.

Dennis and Vika say: ‘What a Gift’ is a new step in the band's creativity, Insammer worked on the sound and made both versions of the track. Many of their fans are surprised to get a dance remix from a rock band but they like it so much. They will work this way and maybe do some more dance remixes in the future. Check both versions and choose which one you like”.

INSAMMER put an online official live video on the original track ‘What a Gift’. The video is available on the band’s YouTube channel.

INSAMMER is: Vika - Lead Vocals Dennis Wise - Guitar Oleg Izotov - Guitar Nikita Simonov - Bass Alex Karpukhin – Drums

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