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Octopus Head releases EP that unites psychedelic stoner to metal footprint and distortion

Material has just been released via Abraxas Records

Octopus Head has just launched its first work in partnership with Abraxas, entitled “Jahaz- The Remasters”, on all streaming platforms.

The material is a redesign of the EP “Jahaz” originally released in 2017, where all the base guitars were re-recorded with extra doses of  fuzz and all the instruments were remixed and remastered from the original tracks.

The band aims to update the compositions to versions closer to their current performances and to apply techniques and equipment that were not available in the original recordings.

The re-recording process for the base guitars took place at the Let it Be studio in December 2019 and the production was handled by Octopus Head itself with guitarist Gabriel Piotto  taking charge of the process.

The EP cover was created by the band in partnership with the photographer João Benz Fagim, who was also responsible for the photo that illustrates it, and represents the model  Camilie Cardoso as the goddess Jahaz.

The remaster has three tracks: “Jahaz (Throw this Bong)”, a stoner song to the goddess created by the band that symbolizes the medicinal herbs and the inner contact they provide, “Moonjuice”, a criticism of the indiscriminate use of benzodiazepine tranquilizers with a psychedelic instrumental ending, and “Sober Sailor”, a metallic analysis of forced sobriety.

Octopus Head is a band from the nebulous and industrial São Bernardo do Campo, city of the great SP. Formed in 2012 by 5 death metal friends looking for a new sound based on bands from the 70s, like Black Sabbath and Grand Funk Railroad. In the process of developing their music, they discovered stoner rock, a style from which they still drink from the source and added elements of an  old love of the group, progressive rock, to the weight and distortion already known to metal in its heaviest aspects.

Check out “Jahaz- The Remasters”:

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