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Regulares launches new striking single with distorted melodies

"Diving With Your" is the second single from the band's new album, "Float"

Dinamite Records and Regulares have just announced the release of the new single, “Diving With You”, on all digital platforms. "Diving With Your" is the second single from the band's new album, "Float".

Diving headfirst into synesthesia and weight, the new single talks about fighting adversity and diving headfirst without looking back. Coming from the working class, the band swims against the tide to produce their album and manage to show what it came from. It took months of preparation, sleepless nights and ungrateful chiefs breathing from their neck to be able to carry out this work.

Recorded at Sonzeria Studio and on a limited budget, the album was captured practically live, with the exception of vocals. Between long work shifts and sleepless nights, the second single is born that announces a new phase of the band that after years of struggling in the underground has consolidated the new line-up and prepares many new features for next year.

All graphic work was done by Vítor Graf (Bizibeize). With striking melodies and simple, heavy and distorted guitars, marked drums and a floating bass, the single is a love letter to the 90s, bringing and the revolt and fury of a frustrated and constantly exploited generation that lives up to the dark days when we live.

Listen here "Diving With Your":

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