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Wolf Among Us release debut EP exploring stoner, grunge and pop music

Brazilian stoner rock duo Wolf Among Us releases the debut EP Soul Shard in streaming on Abraxas Records and in K7 format on Dinamite Records.   

Stoner rock is the starting point, but the duo explores diverse alternatives using bases ranging from grunge to psychedelic, and sometimes even meets pop music.

The work has as its central theme existential conflicts, where each song represents a behavioral questioning of modern society. In addition to tacit knowledge, the record is also inspired by television series such as Rick Morty and Black Mirror, bringing nihilistic and existentialist concepts into the music, which always seem to fall into the duality of seeking meaning or accepting any or all destiny by understanding that nothing has purpose, indulging in carnal pleasures.  

With six songs, including an intro, the record was produced by the band itself. Each song went through a totally different process of recording and / or mixing, involving several professionals and five studios.

Soul Shard ends the band's early songwriting, so it serves as a watershed between what the band was and what will be going forward. The EP tour began last October 11, in Sorocaba, at the Deaf Haus studio, and continues until January, passing through various cities and states.

More information about Wolf Among Us:

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